Renovating Your Building After An Earthquake Is A Wise Investment

Whenever an earthquake hits, the liquefaction zone underneath your building will lose some of its strength because of stress. As a result, buildings without a seismic retrofit can crumble. 

What this means for you is that both the building itself and your tenants are at risk of damage whenever your property or building sits on a liquefaction zone and you don’t have a retrofit in place.

For property owners in California and other earthquake-prone areas, it is always important to incorporate earthquake retrofits into your foundation building. It can help to protect your building and anyone inside it in the case of an earthquake.

To learn why earthquake retrofits are a good business investment, keep reading. This article explains what earthquake retrofits are and how they prove themselves to be good financial investments for building owners.

What Are Earthquake Retrofits?

Before getting ahead of ourselves, it is important to understand what an earthquake retrofit is. Simply put, an earthquake retrofit improves your foundation so that it is stronger in the case of an earthquake or some similar scenario. Often, an earthquake brace bolt is used to connect a wood frame to the concrete foundation.

Why Earthquake Retrofits Are A Good Business Investment

Because earthquakes can be predicted, many building owners don’t see the point in earthquake retrofits. This is a major mistake since you never know when the big earthquake will hit. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits of investing in earthquake retrofits.

Here are 3 reasons why earthquake retrofits are a good business investment:

  1. Lower Insurance Premium

If you live in certain areas or have an earthquake insurance policy, you can lower your insurance premiums if you have an earthquake retrofit. Of course, you will have to pay for the retrofit upfront, but it can save you a lot of money down the line as you are paying for insurance.

  1. Increase Marketability

Safety is often considered the number one factor to impacts the marketability of a building. If you intend to sell your building at any point in the future, earthquake retrofits can help you sell the building, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes.

  1. Protect Your Building

The most obvious benefit of investing in earthquake retrofits is that they can protect your building in a worst-case scenario. Obviously, by protecting your building, you won’t have to pay as much money down the line for building repair if its collapses.

Although we hope you will never have to depend upon your retrofits, the retrofits can help your building stay upright even when the ground beneath it loses some strength.

Get Your Earthquake Retrofits Today

If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, you should invest in earthquake retrofits. Not only will this foundational support protect your building, but it can potentially lower insurance premiums and increase the marketability of your building.

If you need to add earthquake retrofits to your building or need a foundation repair in Los Angeles, contact Seismic Safety at (626) 791-2300 for more information.