The foundation repair cost is only a fraction of the potential cost of damages if your house is left unsecured.

If your home’s foundation has deteriorated beyond repair, Seismic Safety can install a sister foundation inside and alongside your problem foundation and be tied into the structure, bearing the weight and relieving the stress on the damaged areas

Your home’s foundation is a common area of seismic weakness. When concrete foundations are porous or crumbly, they will not provide adequate strength to resist earthquakes. Unreinforced brick or stone masonry may need to be replaced or strengthened. Seismic Safety will inspect your foundation, design, recommend and perform the Foundation Replacement work necessary to fix any foundation problems.

Many of the issues that homeowners associate with failing foundations; such as re-appearing cracks in the walls or doors and/or windows that stick are not always seismic red flags. Many times these minor cracks in the foundation appear as a result of sonic booms, high wind loads on the roof or even a moderate earthquake. Repairing a crack that seems to be growing continuously and has reach more than ¼” wide are indications that you should have Seismic Safety inspect your home for these casual factors. Call us at 626-791-2300 for more information about foundation inspections

The wood that rests directly on the foundation is called the mud sill. Until the 1940s, home builders often did not bolt the mud sill to the foundation. Our foundation inspectors will check and advise you if there is insect damage or dry rot in the wood, and replace or repair any faulty wood as necessary. If your house is built on a hill or even a slight grade, you probably have some step-like offsets in your foundation. On every step, the mud sill must be bolted down at each end and along its length.

If your house is built on a hill or even a slight grade, you probably have cripple walls. Cripple walls should be braced with plywood for improved safety.

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Ken Compton was a excellent to work with very personable. As I did not personally witness to crew preform the job, but I am very pleased as the job looks great!!!


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