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Seismic Safety really is the most-respected and most-reliable Earthquake retrofit Company in Southern California. We have been around the longest, more than 50 years. Seismic Safety has seen virtually every type of residential foundation issue, serving 20,000 properties just since 1995..

Our work ensures the longevity of your home’s foundation integrity.

We make homes safer in the case of Earthquakes, we also repair and install foundations (an integral part of your home), and mitigate slope issues on your property. Because the majority of this type of special construction work takes place beneath a home, many home owners come to us as victims of unscrupulous contractors, to fix or check the work of other so-called Earthquake Retrofit “experts“. In 64 years, we’ve never heard of any customer using another company to “fix“ our work.

MEDIA / NEWS SOURCE Seismic Safety in the NEWS:

Quite simply, it means Earthquake Hazard Reduction. Earthquake retrofit for wood frame buildings addresses what is known as “The Earthquake Weakness“ which involves the attachments of your home – to its foundation. Seismic Safety evaluates and performs structural and foundation reinforcements that will reduce the risk of earthquake-induced damage to your home. http://www.earthquakebracebolt.com

Earth Quake Brace & Bolt

The Earthquake Brace and Bolt program is a state sponsored program, which was recently implemented to help homeowners in the Los Angeles area provide funding for single family voluntary anchor bolting and bracing projects. Seismic Safety Inc. is an approved contractor under the EBB program, and is proud to be the first EBB qualified installation contractor to complete a project under this pilot program.

Click the link below to check the EBB website for details on how to qualify for this program. EBB Qualified homeowners can call Seismic Safety (626) 791-2300 to set up an inspection.

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Ken Compton was a excellent to work with very personable. As I did not personally witness to crew preform the job, but I am very pleased as the job looks great!!!


Highland Park