How To Detect Early Warnings Of Earthquakes In California

Since California has almost 16,000 faults, earthquakes are an inevitable part of life. What’s more, scientists keep finding new faults all the time. This means that quakes aren’t only unavoidable, but also seemingly unpredictable.

When a quake does hit, sometimes they’re brief and small. Yet others can be devastatingly strong, resulting in property damage along with serious injuries and even death. 

So, seismologists, experts, and other scientists have worked hard to develop ways of reliable earthquake prediction.

Forecasting & Warning Methods

Forecasting and warnings are separate yet related concepts. Forecasting, or prediction, is an invaluable method in preparing for an oncoming quake. Warning system technologies based on forecasting techniques are new but very promising.

With developments in artificial intelligence, research is beginning to reveal a more accurate way to better understand fault physics. Some independent scientific researchers have developed solid methods for earthquake forecasting, like Michael Janitch of Dutchsinse.

EEWS (Earthquake Early Warning System)

Having a monitor to use in conjunction with these preliminary methods of prediction will be an excellent way to keep you and your family safe. Something like an EEWS can be an invaluable tool.

EEWS are easy to install onto your smartphone. These will send a warning seconds before you even feel it. 

Applications like MyShake deliver a notification similar to that of Amber Alerts, it will send an alarm right to your phone.

The MyShake App

MyShake incorporates 3 separate waves to predict a quake before feeling the sensation of it. P-waves, which are the fastest moving and the first to arrive along with S-waves and surface waves. The latter two are the ones that create the most damage.

Sensors pick up these waves and transmit the earthquake data to the main alert center. Then, a message transmits from the center to the MyShake app. Users can share their experiences of any given earthquake and look at data within the app as well.

Inspections By Seismic Safety

It’s also a good idea to hire a professional to evaluate your home and its foundation building. Seismic Safety is one of the most respected and reliable companies in Southern California. 

For over 50 years, we’ve performed seismic retrofit jobs and foundation repair in Los Angeles to make homes more earthquake secure. Our team will create an inspection report detailing the specifics of your property to your area’s earthquake activity. 

Within 48 hours, we’ll come to you with this report along with any other recommendations. This will include things like an earthquake brace bolt or other methods to make your building or structure more earthquake resistant.

Final Thoughts

Staying safe and protected during an earthquake, regardless of its strength, is imperative. This means being smart and devising your own plan of action to forecasts and warnings well before quakes hit. 

Earthquake detection apps, studying possible forecasting methods, and getting a professional inspection report from a trusted company, like Seismic Safety, can help you stay on top of it. Feel free to give us a call at (626) 791-2300 today!