Earthquakes: Damages, Dangers, And The Devestation

Earthquakes can either be a minor disruption or cause major devastation. In some areas, earthquakes are a common occurrence. Earthquake damage, danger, and destruction can be costly to repair, but there are some ways to prepare for an impending earthquake. 

Earthquakes In California

California sees earthquakes quite often, at varying magnitudes. There is no chance of the frequency of earthquakes in California slowing down, either. 

In the next 30 years, the U.S. Geological Survey reports that both San Francisco Bay and Southern California could see a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. 

The Dangers Of Earthquakes 

Earthquakes cause extensive damage, which can be dangerous for those in the area of the earthquake. With the ground shaking and the potential for the ground to split, it can cause items in the home to fall. Things outside of the home such as structures, trees, and power lines can also fall, which can potentially cause fires. 

The Damage Earthquakes Can Cause

The aggressiveness of an earthquake’s power varies and can cause extensive damage to homes, infrastructures, buildings, and more. In some cases, landslides can occur, which can change the consistency of the earth in the area; essentially liquifying it.

Surface rupture is one of the most damaging results of earthquakes. This is when there is extensive movement on either side of a rupture that essentially tears apart the ground. Anything in the vicinity of surface rupturing can be torn apart as well. 

The Destruction Earthquakes Can Cause

Earthquakes can cause devastating destruction to homes, buildings, businesses, and so much more. It can destroy the foundation of a building very easily. 

Foundation repair in Los Angeles and other areas commonly hit by earthquakes is big business. 

A large earthquake can result in ground shaking, cracking landslides, and in some cases, even tsunamis and fires.

How To Prevent Earthquake Damage, Danger, And Destruction

Earthquakes can be unpredictable, to a certain extent. That being said, there are ways to try and prevent some damage to your home. The best place to start is by surveying your home for potential hazards, such as loose furniture that can fall easily during an earthquake. 

You should also develop a safety plan with your loved ones within your home in case of an earthquake.

There are safety kits you can purchase to help you evaluate your home and create a plan. You can also look at ways to support the structure of your home in the event of an earthquake. Services can help you with retrofitting services, such as installing an earthquake brace bolt, and seismic retrofit assistance.

If you’re unsure about just how prepared you need to be for an earthquake, there are CEA risk maps that can advise you on what type of activity is common in your particular area. 

If you are looking to prepare your Californian home in the best possible way to prevent earthquake damage, danger, and destruction, contact Seismic Safety. Our team can provide earthquake retrofit services, foundation building and repair help, and seismic retrofit services, among others.